What our Clients Say...

The Moove & Groove Listen program is now in over 100 facilities and this is driven by clear outcomes of the program to continue to impact the mental health of residents. We have listed some of the beautiful outcomes of our program and our many testimonials here, enjoy!

Uniting Care - Dementia Behaviour Specialist and Practice Lead - Georgene McNeil

“Seeing the joy and connection this program is creating in our facilities is like nothing I have ever seen before. The word I would use is ‘phenomenal’! Staff can engage with individual residents or groups, from common areas or their rooms easily… It is so effective to alleviate loneliness and isolation, as well as being a proven dementia behaviour therapy. In all my 30 years in the industry, I have never seen anything like it!”

Twilight Aged Care - Lifestyle Manager - Elaine Wyse

“Moove and Groove has been the key to my lock. It has opened up so many amazing ideas and opportunities to connect with my residents in a way that is meaningful for them”. ?

“Moove & Groove has given my RAO’s a tool to connect with residents and form relationships. Having this program in all of our facilities, especially during this time of limited visitation, means we are able to deliver activities to all residents and still tailor experiences to individual preferences. The virtual visitor is already proving to alleviate the distress families feel from limited visitation. The training program and continued support from the Moove & Groove Team has been invaluable – thank you Moove & Groove!”

UPA Dubbo- Staff - Emily

“We have been using it daily, and its great for trivia. A concert artist was sick and canceled last minute, we had everyone there waiting for the concert, we then quickly changed it to Moove & Groove playlist singalong, the residents loved it.”

Twilight Aged Care - Glades Bay - Raksha Ghimire

“A lady with late dementia who is a wanderer does not engage for more than 5 minutes and walks constantly.  We offered the Catholic Mass to this resident as it was being listened to by someone else. It was so meaningful for this lady.  Raksha stated  “she sat for 30 minutes. She cried, she said thank you thank you with a big smile, I was so happy to see her happy with something that meant something to her, now we can provide her with this regularly and also music associated with mass.”

Opal - Varsity Rise - Virginia Walk

“We play bingo in the halls the residents love it They also love the exercises. Many residents have told their families how much they love Moove and Groove. Overall I think this has been beneficial for the residents:

  • Improved sleep patterns at night
  • Residents enjoy the quiet music and reduced movement in the unit
  • Noisy or restless residents given more individual attention so the others can relax
  • Less PRN given unless absolutely needed.”

Lutheran Aged Care - Kerri Masters

“Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing ANZAC day slideshow resource that Moove and Groove shared. It was a fantastic presentation that allowed us “non lifestyle” folk to run a lovely meaningful service for our residents. They loved it.”

Allity - Medina Manor - Noelene Michielin

“One lady who is generally non expressive played a Rock’n Roll playlist, she stood up and was rocking away. A Greek lady that does not eat well, played a Greek songs’ playlist during lunch with the headphones on and was observed to eat better.”

“We used them on the princess chair residents mainly, they are usually very non expressive, and the immediate expression on the faces when we put on the headphones was beautiful. One lady looked as though she had tears in her eyes, all the staff were so touched!”

“M&G will be my saving grace.”

“We were doing a music activity with headphones for residents in float chairs. A tour of prospective families came through and observed the activity in progress and asked questions. I explained the new incentive program to them. The reactions “OMG, this is amazing!”, ”I am blown away!”.”

UPA Yeoval - Elaine Baillie

“It’s fabulous to get your feedback from residents about our active classes being successful. Singalongs seem to be a popular option and incorporating ball games with our playlists is wonderful.”

OneCare - Rubicon Grove - Sharon Shannon

“We absolutely love Moove & Groove and are using it twice a day. We love the karaoke. We went an hour over time on Friday with the activity as everyone was having so much fun. We are using the Tranquility hour everyday for 30 minutes as residents request it. [Moove & Groove] also works well with a wandering resident for agitated behaviour management.

Other uses:

  • Love the gardening videos very meaningful to residents who can’t garden anymore.
  • Using indoor bowls playlist for Happy Hour.
  • Planning to ask management to use with night staff carers.
  • Using in wings for music, we have a wing with lots of classical music lovers”

“We also used [Moove & Groove] with 10 isolated residents for country music sessions. Boys loved it.”

“I am getting more and more excited about the program. Today we have had trivia and as we speak we now have our regulars back at church with the new Anglican church services that Moove & Groove have added.”

OneCare - Umina Park - Leanne Auton

“We are using Moove & Groove every day. We are using it in the capacity of being able to offer 2 activities at once, giving residents the choice, e.g. some are listening to music while others playing bingo.”

Canberra Nursing Home - Beverly Webbs

“We had 4 residents of Chinese culture who listened to 2 hours of Chinese music in their separate rooms with headphones, they loved it.”

Opal - Varsity Rise - Jo

“A man who normally does not participate played music trivia with headphones today, his whole personality lit up, he had a smile from ear to ear.  It was so unusual – we called the RN to show her his reaction.”

Twilight Aged Care - Glades Bay - Anna Karki

“I love that I can take it outside and sit in the garden while they are having tea and their nails done.  We have large groups wanting to join the singalongs and we run out of headphones sometimes and afterwards some residents who are quite progressed and barely remember things  can sing whole songs and then reminisce about what they were doing when they used to listen to the songs.”

Home Care - Bob and Joan

Sharon: ”Mum called me this morning to let me know that she came out of the shower to find Dad sitting at the computer doing 1 of the Yoga Exercises ?”

Home Care - Noel

“The first time Noel put on his headphones with Moove & Groove LISTEN, he broke out in songs.  Noel loves singing and through the LISTEN app found his favourite crooner to sing-a-long.”

Home Care- Kay about her husband Jack

“I have found Moove & Groove the best thing to have happened in my life for the last five years! Jack’s problem is very short term memory hence he asks the same question every five minutes, which I answer, hopefully politely and calmly! Jack also got quite anxious about going to the 3BRIDGES group every Monday / Thursday.

When we first got Moove & Groove I found it great to put on a program on those mornings just to get his mind off going to Summer Hill – it really worked. There is certainly something for everyone.

For me as a carer, it is like having someone come into the home and look after Jack while I have some “me time “!!  Sometimes I just try to read the paper, do a crossword etc. without being asked and answering the same thing every couple of minutes!”