Residents are thriving with Moove and Groove person-centred experiences

Music for Tharma

Tharma is a 79-year-old man from Pakistan. He exhibits on-going behaviours and has reverted to his mother tongue, no longer speaking any English.  For these reasons, the staff find it challenging to connect with him. Using the Moove & Groove person-centric platform, the team play Tamil music for Tharma so that he can enjoy content in his preferred language. 

The team tell us that Tharma is relaxed during these experiences and displays happier behaviour and frequently indicates that he would like to listen to the Moove and Groove headsets by pointing to his ears. His son tells the carers that he thinks the program is fantastic support for his dad’s wellbeing.

This is music to our ears!

Peaceful Piano Lady

Our piano lady resides in a dementia-specific cottage. She exhibits loud vocal behaviours daily. Using the Moove and Groove personalised resident data bios that are created by family and facility, carers can identify that she was very active in the church and often played the organ and piano at Sunday mass.

Armed with this person-centric knowledge, the staff used silent disco technology headphones to deliver her a playlist of organ and piano hymns.  Results were immediate! She stopped her vocal behaviours and started to play the table like a piano. The huge smile on her face indicated she was connecting to a lifelong passion and talent.  

After many positive resident experiences, the carers have thoroughly embraced the Moove and Groove technology and incorporated the program into resident care plans. 

They tell us that ‘many resources come and go, but nothing has worked like this’.  

Poetry for Wellbeing

Our poetry lover is 101 years old, blind and has dementia. She resides in a memory support unit.  She constantly paces, all day every day and does not speak.  Using Moove and Groove lifestyle platform, the staff were able to identify her passion for poetry. With this insight, her carers offer her personalised poetry content daily.  The resident responds wonderfully to the immersive and person-centric experience. Despite having dementia, she remembers the poems and recites the words. 

Moove and Groove therapy helps calm her agitated pacing and assists in lifting her mood. Her carers tell us that the headphones are exceptional as she can listen and walk at the same time. 

Poetry experiences are now part of her on-going care plan.