What are the benefits of music for seniors?

There are many research projects worldwide confirming the benefits of music for seniors. Here are two of the latest research findings from 2018:

In April 2018 a team at University of Utah Health in Salt Lake City in The Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease, demonstrates that familiar music may facilitate attention, reward and motivation, which in turn makes it more possible to manage emotional distress in Alzheimer's.

In early 2018, an individualized music-based intervention for acute neuropsychiatric symptoms in adults with cognitive impairment was completed. This study, published by the University of Kansas School of Medicine, concludes that agitation, negative mood, and positive mood all benefited from the music-based intervention, with resulting large effect sizes.

Research project in partnership with ACU

In April 2018, the Australian Catholic University will be conducting research on the outcomes of the Moove & Groove Program. The research will focus on the social implications of carers or staff participating with their loved one living with dementia. They will be measuring whether there is any improvement in agitation and sleep after a Moove & Groove class.

At Moove & Groove, we have many testimonials from staff and family members of the positive impact we are having with participants. We are looking forward to working with the team at ACU to formalise this through data.

NSW Government Grant Support

Moove & Groove has received three NSW Liveable Cities Grants between 2016 – 2018.

The NSW State Government believes we are making a positive impact in our seniors community by providing the opportunity to experience music and movement in this innovative way.

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