What are the benefits of music for seniors?

For us to continue to improve, it’s vital we know how we’re performing. So we’re working with a number of renowned institutions to analyse and quantify the Moove & Groove effect across key sectors. The studies are listed below and we’ll be able to share the results in 2019.

ACU Research Partnership

Moove & Groove is currently partnering with The Australian Catholic University. The ACU team are researching the impact of Moove & Groove ACTION specifically on those living with dementia and their carers.

The unique offering of the wireless headphone technology, music choices, movements and our trained instructors has been shown to have a great impact on those already participating – including staff, carers and organisations. Now it is time to test this formally.

Thank you Team ACU!

Aging 2.0 Conference San Francisco

Moove & Groove featured at the Aging 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, November 2018. Aging 2.0 Conference showcases the most innovative concepts for our ageing community.

Our CEO & Founder Alison Harrington presented the Moove & Groove ACTIVE program and shared the key benefits and impacts. A live demonstration silent disco then followed at the networking drinks. Many industry innovators were able to experience the magic of Moove & Groove with our unique mix of music, movement and instructors creating an immersive experience.

Aging 2.0

NSW Government Grant Support

Moove & Groove is supported by the NSW State Government and received three NSW Liveable Cities Grants between 2016 – 2019.

The NSW State Government believes we are making a positive impact for seniors in care and in communities. We look forward to continuing our partnership to ensure we can continue to deliver this unique and innovative program.

NSW Government

More research coming soon.