Moove & Groove is committed to ongoing research with both clients and academic institutions to provide evidence of impact of the program. Current research and pilots and outcomes are listed below.

ACU & Uniting

Reducing dementia behaviours and improving staff job satisfaction

Several studies had been conducted in 2019 with Australian Catholic University (ACU) and in 2020 a formal research partnership was formed with ACU and Uniting NSW ACT.

The focus of the research was to measure the impact of the Moove & Groove program, focussing on staff observations of resident behaviour during and after listening experiences. The research analysed responses from staff across 63 Uniting NSW ACT homes. The research strongly suggested a correlation between the use of Moove & Groove Program and an observation of a positive impact on dementia-related behaviours incl agitation, aggression, pacing and apathy.

  • 70% reduction in observed dementia behaviours
  • 80% of staff reported improved job satisfaction
  • 65 believed would lead to a reduction in the use of psychotropics
  • 94% acceptance rate of headphones

PHN Network & 5 Aged Care homes

Improving mental health of aged care residents

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Moove & Groove collaborated with the NSW Primary Health Network to pilot the program across 5 Aged Care homes in the Hunter Region to ascertain the ability of the program to improve the mental health of individuals in residential aged care.

The survey results collected over a 2 month period have demonstrated the program resoundingly improves the mental health outcomes of both individuals and cohorts of residents. An overview of the data collated from the homes using the Moove & Groove Program during this pilot show initial results as follows:

  • 75% of residents with Cornell Depression Scale (CDS) scores above 10 decreased their CDS score after using the program for 8 weeks.
  • 79% increase in mood improvement
  • 78% improvement in apathy
  • 65% reduction in agitation
  • 79% reduction of aggression
  • 85% reduction in vocal disruption

SA Health 2020 Palliative Care Grants Program

Increasing mood, decreasing anxiety and connecting loved ones

We conducted a palliative care pilot with a multidisciplinary team at Southern Cross Care Pines Lodge residential aged care home in SA funded by SA Health Palliative Care grants.

Specialised content was developed in conjunction with a palliative care consultant and all staff were trained. Over 250 sessions of the program were delivered in a 3 month period to 20 palliating residents.

Survey data indicated there was an observed reduction of anxiety, agitation, and increase in mood and connection to their loved ones as a result of the program usage.

Ongoing Pilots with our clients

Demonstrating a reduction in usage of PRNs

We have inbuilt measurement systems in our platform and have completed pilot studies within the Memory Support Units of several major Aged Care providers we are currently working with.

These pilot studies have shown significant decreases in the number of PRNs with 3 out of 10 residents in studies decreasing PRNS by 50-80%. All clients who utilise our dementia care program have an opportunity to measure impact and outcomes of the program in their trial sites.