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For us to continue to improve, it’s vital we know how we’re performing. The results of the 2019 ACU study clearly show Moove & Groove has a positive impact on mental and physical health.

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Research proves music therapy as effective to assist those with dementia – we make it easy!

We have worked hard to build technology, systems and processes to ensure that all barriers are overcome and that everyone can enjoy and access the clear therapeutic benefits of music.

Many studies across the world conclude that “musical engagement leads to improved quality of life for older adults”. It represents a simple, low cost intervention that has “proven therapeutic benefits including reducing agitation, stress responses and anxiety”. These benefits are even more pronounced for those living with dementia.

Recent studies in Australia rated those who would benefit the most from musical engagement. People with mild dementia 63%, followed by individuals who were depressed 61%, people with moderate dementia 59% and then those who were anxious and agitated (ref 1).

A specific study (ref 2) looking at playlists in healthcare settings found that 76% of patients reported that listening to their personalised playlists made a positive difference to their healthcare experience.

Research references:
Ref 1. Sandra Garrido, Esther Chang and Catherine J. Stevens (2018) The use of music in aged care facilities: A mixed-methods study 2018 Journal of Health Psychology. Ref 2. Tara Dimopoulos-BickA,G, Kim E. Clowes B, Katie Conciatore C, Maggie Haertsch D,E, Raj VermaA and Jean-Frederic LevesqueA,F. Barriers and facilitators to implementing playlists as a novel personalised music intervention in public healthcare settings in New South Wales, Australia 2019. Ref 3. Australian Journal of Primary Health. Sandra Garridoa,∗, Laura Dunnea, Esther Changb, Janette Perzb, Catherine J. Stevensa and Maggie Haertsch. The Use of Music Playlists for People with Dementia: A Critical Synthesis 2017. aMARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development Western Sydney University, Sydney, NSW, Australia Western Sydney University, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Research Partnership

Moove & Groove is currently partnering with The Australian Catholic University and Uniting. The teams are researching the impact of Moove&Groove Program

  • The headphones reducing behaviours caused by dementia and the possible reduction of pharmacological interventions, and
  • Staff experience of The Moove&Groove Program’s benefits

The unique offering of the wireless headphone technology, audio and video content choices, program training and support of staff to allow them to provide “Music As Therapy” and “Reminiscent Therapy has been shown to have a great impact on those already using the program including staff, carers and organisations. Now it is time to test this formally.

Research Results

Aging 2.0 Conference San Francisco

Moove & Groove featured at the Aging 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, November 2018. Aging 2.0 Conference showcases the most innovative concepts for our ageing community.

Our CEO & Founder Alison Harrington presented the Moove & Groove ACTIVE program and shared the key benefits and impacts. A live demonstration silent disco then followed at the networking drinks. Many industry innovators were able to experience the magic of Moove & Groove with our unique mix of music, movement and instructors creating an immersive experience.

NSW Government Grant Support

Moove & Groove is supported by the NSW State Government and received three NSW Liveable Cities Grants between 2016 – 2019.

The NSW State Government believes we are making a positive impact for seniors in care and in communities. We look forward to continuing our partnership to ensure we can continue to deliver this unique and innovative program.

NSW Government

More research coming soon.