Moove & Groove


Is an easy to use program of audio and videos specifically designed to provide reminiscent therapy, music as therapy, video activities such as armchair travel and church services and much more.

Our residential aged care offering is a full lifestyle program, an amazing tool for staff to provide spiritual and cultural care, offer person-centred experiences as well as collating personal preferences all in the one program. We also provide this program for people in their own homes.

What is Moove & Groove LISTEN?

Audio Visual Content Curated for Seniors

1,000 podcasts
150 music playlists and 2500 songs
25 radio stations
100s videos to watch

Easy, Enriching, Engaging. With just one click of a button!

Key Benefits

  • It “makes people happier” proven by latest ACU research on Moove&Groove
  • Reduces isolation
  • Keeps Seniors connected and engaged
  • Can listen in groups or individually
  • Can be used with hearing aids
  • Comprehensive tool for staff and family to provide spiritual and cultural support
  • Improved health outcomes through daily exercise program
  • Falls prevention tool
  • Dementia behaviour management tool
  • Potentially reduces use of psychotropics 
  • Meets new aged care standards

Listen Packages

Working with you to best suit your needs

In Residential Aged Care

Moove & Groove provides residential aged care homes with a full lifestyle program. A full activity program of listening and viewing as well as person-centred choice depending on individual interests. Staff are trained by our industry experts in how to implement the program to provide music as therapy, build individualised playlists, engage isolated residents, provide spiritual and cultural support, dementia care and palliative care.

In Home Care Providers

The Moove & Groove Program is perfect for individuals at home. We work with in home care providers to train their staff to provide access to our catalogue of listening and viewing. It enables staff to easily provide music as therapy, interesting podcasts and themed listening all based around the individuals interests. Staff love the engagement and connection that is created. This service is purchase by the individuals home care package. 

For Mum & Dad at home

You can give your loved ones access to an easy platform of listening options. Our website is a catalogue of listening, organised into categories of interests, with an easy “play” button. It is designed for seniors to engage in technology at home simply and easily. When you purchase your loved one a subscription, it is a simple login and password, and they can start listening!

What They’re Saying

I’ve absolutely loved every minute of it - thank you. I’d like more!


I find it very enlightening and interesting to hear the trials and tribulations that people have had to cope with and how they overcome adversity to find fulfilment - and that’s what makes it so interesting!


On the listening program, I found it very interesting. I’ve heard it called inspiring. It does make you think.

Robert Gladesville

Thanks for mooving with us