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Moove & Groove LISTEN is available to anyone! Our catalogue is so easy to use, and with one click, you can start listening to something interesting straight away. You may also want to include the wireless headphones in your package so you can listen together. As they say - “Use it, or Lose it!”

“My aunt lives with me, she is 86 years old. She was quite sad to move from her home and spent a lot of time watching TV. Now that we have Moove & Groove LISTEN, she is interested and engaged - she can use it herself and I can listen with her when I am at home! She seems much happier than she was before….”

Jan Niece, Blaxland
Moove & Groove - In your home

Listen in the comfort of your home – all you need is a device and WiFi.

  • Access to catalogue
  • Listen day or night
  • Curated content
  • Suggested program
  • Wireless headphones offered

Join our happy listening community….

Join our happy listening community

Moove & Groove Happy Customers
Moove & Groove Happy Customers
Moove & Groove Happy Customers
Moove & Groove Happy Customers

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We can customise our programs and packages to suit your needs.

What They’re Saying

“One of our residents who use to refuse activities enjoys joining in with Moove & Groove, shaking his pom poms in time to the music and catching/throwing balls.”

Jacky DStaff RSL Narrabeen

“It’s a delight having Team Moove and Groove every Thursday morning, great response from our residents, family and staff engaged to this great activity. We can’t get enough!!!
Residents feel refreshed afterwards.”

HildaStaff RSL Narrabeen

“... great music, we had lots of exercises going on, it really gets the body moving, it great and I really like it ...”

ResidentOzcare Burleigh Heads

Thanks for mooving with us