For Mum & Dad

Lift their spirits and brighten up their day !
Keep mum and dad happily engaged and decrease feelings of isolation, anxiety and boredom in the months ahead.

Hours of entertainment to keep loved ones feeling calm and engaged.

Moove & Groove LISTEN successfully keeps seniors connected to the outside world and has proven to significantly improve mood and behaviour, while reducing depression, stress and frustration.

Bringing the memories back

Our popular online lifestyle program of specially curated audio and video content is currently being used to improve the morale and mental health of residents in aged care facilities across Australia. Now, to meet demand for isolated, aging parents, Moove & Groove has launched an easy to use home subscription service. With a catalogue of thousands of expert-selected music, podcast and videos, there’s something for everyone. Plus content can easily be customised to individual preferences, interests, and even languages.

The programming evokes memories and emotions to take participants back to happy times. This has also been proven to be particularly effective to manage dementia behaviour plus generally just make people happier and reduce anxiety.

No computer skills necessary

Parents not computer savvy? No problem! We’ve purposefully designed Moove & Goove to be extra easy for users to access, it’s just one click of a big button. When you purchase a subscription for your loved ones, it’s a simple login and password… and they can begin listening right away on a phone, tablet or computer, with or without headphones.

Be a part of their daily life

You know what they will loves, so you can use the login to access the catalogue and preselect favourites for them and save to these to their account. You can even listen to the same podcasts to share the listening and the chat afterwards online or on the phone about what you heard, helping to instigate meaningful and engaging conversations.

Below are stories of our clients


I’ve absolutely loved every minute of it – thank you. I’d like more!


My aunt lives with me, she is 86 years old. She was quite sad to move from her home and spent a lot of time watching TV. Now she is interested and engaged and she can use it herself ! She seems much happier than she was before….


I would like to listen to this all day. My husband was an opera singer and this music was our life; these headphones are bringing back so many memories for me.

This program can be purchased for your loved ones living in their own home.

What is included

  • Access to the LISTEN online catalogue
  • Weekly program email with themed listening
  • Instructions welcome email and platform training video

What clients will need

  • Wireless Internet access
  • A phone, tablet or computer connected to the internet
  • A spotify free or paid account

Headphones are ideal and recommended to listen. And our seniors wireless headphone statation can be purchased from our shop.


Our Mum & Dad subscription TRIAL offer is $99 for 6 months.

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Moove & Groove Happy Customers
Moove & Groove Happy Customers
Moove & Groove Happy Customers

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