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The benefits of the program. Its impact on participants is immediate and dramatic.

Its impact on participants is immediate and dramatic. Benefits include:

  • Higher engagement
  • Better cognition
  • Improved mood and behaviour
  • Moments of joy and happiness
  • Calmer, soothing, peaceful state of mind
  • Greater confidence
  • Reduced stress, anxiety and depression
  • Reduced feelings of agitation, isolation and alienation
  • Better connection to loved ones
  • Shared moments with community
  • Bonding through discussions of the past
  • Personalised comfort through native language and personal experience programming
  • Lessened strain on caregivers
  • 50% increase in engagment

  • Memory activation

  • Reducing agitation

  • Awakens participants!

What is Reminiscence Therapy? And Music as Therapy?

With dementia, people typically lose short-term memory, but are often still able to recall older memories. As a result, they have a better memory for the distant past than for recent events.

Reminiscence Therapy helps individuals remember events, people and places from their past lives. It’s a nonpharmacological intervention that improves self-esteem and provides older patients with a sense of fulfillment and comfort as they look back at their lives.

RT aims to evoke memories, stimulate mental activity and improve well-being. The goal is to help seniors with dementia feel valued, contented and peaceful by recalling happy times from their past.

Music as therapy is a powerful method to help people reminisce and relate to emotions and past experiences. It conjures emotion, and emotion can bring with it memory. It brings back the feelings of life when nothing else can.

The positive feelings gained from these pleasant memories can decrease stress, boost mood, reduce agitation, and minimize challenging behaviours like wandering, anger, and much more.

We are making a real impact with Moove & Groove to prove staff and families an easy and affordable way to provide these therapies for those living with dementia. And we are only just getting started.. Stay tuned !