No of classes
No of people danced
No of smiles

By combining each of these elements Moove & Groove can expect to deliver the benefits derived from ALL of them.

The benefits are

speaking for themselves

  • This program is a world first and leverages much existing research on the benefits of music and movement for dementia.
  • Mental Stimulation via the music which reactivates memories – this creates “happy states” and participants go into awakened states during class
  • Physical Exercise – the immersive nature of the headphones means participants are fully engaged are more able to listen to movement instructions.
  • Reduced agitation and easier to manage post class – participants are happier and more settled post class and easier to manage
  • Connection –participants experience the class “together” and connection is made with those around them incl staff and family members who often join in.
  • 50% increase in engagment
  • Memory activation
  • Reducing agitation
  • Awakens participants!