Our custom program

Living with Dementia

We have designed our Moove & Groove LISTEN & ACTIVE programs to specifically meet the needs of those living with dementia. Our instructors are trained in dementia care to ensure they meet the varied needs of participants. We have worked with dementia consultants to provide a world class, and world first program for those living with dementia.

Features of our customised dementia programs


  • Specific reminiscent content
  • Carers can use this program at any time of day or night
  • Improves agitation in the evenings
  • Music playlists for memory recall
  • More happy states
  • Improved behaviours
  • Individualised listening content to suit each person
  • 94% happily accept of headphones
  • 24/7 access to listening


  • 50% increase in engagement of the movements using headphones
  • Benefits of increase physical activity for health outcomes
  • Benefits of a specifically chosen music playlist to
  • Expert instructors trained in dementia care
  • 30 – 45 minute classes depending on the level of participants
  • Proven reduction in agitation after classes
  • Improved sleep patterns post-class
  • Appropriate movements adjusted to suit mobility 

Key Benefits

Key research completed in 2017 together with hundreds of testimonies from existing clients shows the following key benefits of the Moove & Groove Program using the wireless headphone technology, together with our expert program implementation:

  • 50% increase engagement using headphones
  • Using headphones means that participants can hear the music and the instructions clearly
  • Reduction in agitation
  • Increase awakened states during class
  • Happy states after class
  • Improved sleep & behaviours
  • Support for carers
  • “Use it or lose it” – activating the mind

Our research

Moove & Groove is currently partnering with The Australian Catholic University. The ACU team are researching the impact of Moove & Groove ACTION specifically on those living with dementia and their carers. The unique offering of the wireless headphone technology, music choices, movements and our trained instructors has been shown to have a great impact on those already participating – including staff, carers and organisations. Now it is time to test this formally.

Kay & Ray’s Story

Kaye was a regular attendee at our RSL community active classes. Kay is her husband Ray’s carer as he is living with dementia. Ray would sit at the back of the class whilst she danced.

One day we suggested Ray join in. He became thoroughly immersed and engaged in the class and Kaye said ” it feels like I have my old husband back for the hour”. Our classes became one of the few social activities that Ray and Kaye could do together and thoroughly enjoy. Ray loved the music and became an expert dancer to many old tunes and even new ones like Taylor Swift. Ray’s dementia progressed and he now does our classes in care at Narrabeen RSL Village and Kay drops in to join him for classes there. Our program has provided an opportunity for those living with dementia and their carers moments of joy, engagement, and connection during their journey.

What They’re Saying

One of our residents who use to refuse activities enjoys joining in with Moove & Groove, shaking his pom poms in time to the music and catching/throwing balls.

Jacky DStaff RSL Narrabeen

It’s a delight having Team Moove and Groove every Thursday morning, great response from our residents, family and staff engaged to this great activity. We can’t get enough!!!
Residents feel refreshed afterwards.

HildaStaff RSL Narrabeen

... great music, we had lots of exercises going on, it really gets the body moving, it great and I really like it ...

ResidentOzcare Burleigh Heads

Thanks for mooving with us