Our Story

Our mission is to improve the wellbeing of seniors around the world, through delivering immersive and joyful experiences. Every day. 

Moove & Groove started from a simple idea. Over five years ago we ran a silent disco event to raise money for charity. As I looked around the room at people of all ages singing and dancing with their headphones on and having the time of their lives, it struck me just how happy it was making everyone and saw how beneficial it could be for physical and mental health. 

Driven by a desire to create a purpose driven business, I went on to study Social Impact at UNSW. On a group assignment we were tasked with creating an innovative concept to help improve the mental health and physical health of  seniors who were also struggling with feeling isolated and lonely. The leap was easy – let’s get them singing and dancing utlising silent disco technology !

The idea of Moove & Groove was born. A small pilot study proved the concept not only worked, but was a much needed solution that addressed the mental health and physical wellbeing of seniors. And it did so in a fun, engaging and innovative way. 

A chain reaction followed, connecting others across the community, quickly igniting new ideas and expanding offerings to address related needs. We saw the power of the program to offer an immersive and engaging experience for those living with dementia.

What started as a silent disco idea has expanded into a complete lifestyle program 

Our carefully curated content and program keeps on growing. We now offer over 1000 podcasts and 350 music playlists, 30 radio stations so there is something for everyone. 

In response to the coronavirus pandemic we have expanded the offering to include:

  • Over 700 videos covering a wide array of  seniors interests. Be that history, gardening, armchair travel, religious services, karaoke and much more.
  • A virtual visitor program to enable staff to book and manage virtual family visits.
  • A new intergenerational program which connects seniors with children via amazing drawings and videos.
  • We have also developed a palliative care module as part of a SA Health Grant.

We can now confidently say that Moove & Groove is a complete virtual lifestyle solution for seniors.

We’re now impacting hundreds of seniors every day and helping those living with dementia 

We proudly operate in over 110 aged care homes across Australia – from McKay to Launceston, bringing joy and making a positive impact on the wellbeing of hundreds of seniors – every single day. During COVID we have enabled so many more to have some form of virtual engagement and connection with the outside world.

We are also proving via our research from ACU that our program is providing an easy to use form of music and reminiscing therapy for those living dementia. It is assisting staff and carers to better manage challenging dementia behaviours.

The team that makes the magic happen

Our growing team of paid and volunteer Moovers and Groovers continue to help this social purpose organisation go from strength to strength and I am grateful for their passion and commitment. 

We also wouldn’t be anywhere without the wonderful community of residents and supportive staff in aged care homes across Australia- thankyou for believing in us!

We look forward to bringing more and more joy to seniors around the world! 

Alison Harrington – Founder and CEO

We are a social enterprise business that believes passionately about reinventing aging and assisting older adults to live full, engaging and joyful lives.

Alison Harrington - CEO & Founder

Alison Harrington

CEO & Founder

  • Wants to make a huge social impact in the world!
  • Passionate about disco ( especially ABBA) and bringing joy to all

Kate Sowden

General Manager

  • Loves cooking and eating…. Dancing and singing!
  • Passionate about seniors, loves connecting and seeing their smiles.

Michele Roche

Training Manager

  • A recent addtion the Moove & Groove team!
  • Passionate about all things lifestyle and completing Dementia Care Degree
Moove & Groove Happy Customers

Trish Johnson

Operations,Trainer & ACTIVE instructor

  • Loves laughter, singing and dancing
  • Passionate about photography