Our Story

The story of Moove & Groove began over 5 years ago when I was looking for new ways to create a social impact. The idea to use silent disco dance as a fundraising experience was the first step. Young people from all over Sydney started to dance with us and I could see the amazing physical and mental health benefits for everyone. Everyone was so happy and joyful after dancing with us, I knew this was only the beginning.

In 2016 I was studying Social Impact at UNSW focussing on physical and mental health issues in our seniors community as well as a sense of loneliness and isolation. We were assigned to develop an innovative concept to help alleviate these issues. Why not senior silent disco dancing? Everyone is still young at heart!

With the support of NSW government grants, music therapists and exercise physiologists the Moove & Groove program was created. An initial pilot study in the south of Sydney proved the concept worked and was needed in this sector.  We now operate in locations across Sydney, Melbourne, The Gold Coast and in the UK. We extended the idea to dementia patients and developed a dementia specific program. We have now partnered with The Australian Catholic University to measure the outcomes of our programs.

We provide our programs in many organisations and see the challenges of providing engaging and customised lifestyle programs for person-centred care. Our new Moove & Groove LISTEN program provides hours of curated listening experiences for seniors to meet this need.

We are excited about the potential of both programs to provide very magical moments of engagement for participants, carers and families.

Alison Harrington – Founder and CEO

We are a social enterprise business that believes passionately about reinventing aging and assisting older adults to live full, engaging and joyful lives.

Alison Harrington - CEO & Founder

Alison Harrington

CEO & Founder

  • Wants to make a huge social impact in the world!
  • Passionate about disco ( especially ABBA) and bringing joy to all

Kate Sowden

General Manager

  • Loves cooking and eating…. Dancing and singing!
  • Passionate about seniors, loves connecting and seeing their smiles.
Jane Nelson - Admin & Instructor

Jane Nelson

Admin & Instructor

  • Loves yoga, being a vegan and being a bookworm
  • Passionate about studying Dementia Care & Music Therapy as well as her weekly ACTIVE class participants!
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  • Loves laughter, singing and dancing
  • Passionate about photography