Delivering person centred experiences and improving the wellbeing of seniors via easy to use technology.

“Moove & Groove have revolutionised care for our residents, especially those with dementia.”

Georgene McNeil, Dementia Behaviour Specialist and Practice Lead, Uniting NSW ACT.

Industry-first research conducted in conjunction with ACU and Uniting demonstrates our positive impact on dementia behaviours.

The Australian Catholic University
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Eldercare Innovation Award 2021

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Eldercare Innovation Awards

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How it works

Listen anytime, anywhere headphones

Use wireless, long-range headphones while resting, walking, one on one or in a group.

Easy to use digital platform
Easy access to 1,000+ audio & visual experiences

At the touch of a button, carers and volunteers can easily personalise content.

Training & year round support
Training and on-going support

All staff access to expert team support. Reporting and monthly activity calendars included.

Benefits for your organisation

Increase staff satisfaction and productivity

Our program is proven to manage dementia behaviours and free up time for busy staff.

Engage residents with person-centric content

Diverse and meaningful person-centered experiences in 30+ languages available, including spiritual, exercise, armchair travel, music playlists, and more!

Save Money

Our flexible and affordable subscription models make it easy to plan in annual budgets. Costs less than weekly performers!

Happier residents and staff


Proven to reduce dementia behaviors such as agitation and pacing in more than 70% of cases.


Over 80% of staff reported an increase in job satisfaction and professional development

Resident Success Stories

Real-life stories of how our technology and content helps manage dementia behaviours

Full immersion
Full engagement
Make connections

Testimonials from Moove and Groove Clients

Georgene McNielDementia Behaviour Specialist and Practice Lead - Uniting Care

Seeing the joy and connection this program is creating in our facilities is like nothing I have ever seen before. The word I would use is 'phenomenal'! Staff can engage with individual residents or groups, from common areas or their rooms easily... It is so effective to alleviate loneliness and isolation, as well as being a proven dementia behaviour therapy. In all my 30 years in the industry, I have never seen anything like it!

Elaine WyseLifestyle Manager - Twilight Aged Care

Having this program in all of our facilities, especially during this time of limited visitation, means we are able to deliver activities to all residents and still tailor experiences to individual preferences. The virtual visitor is already proving to alleviate the distress families feel from limited visitation. The training program and continued support from the Moove & Groove Team has been invaluable!

EmilyUPA Dubbo

“We have been using it daily, and its great for trivia. A concert artist was sick and canceled last minute we had everyone there waiting for the concert we then quickly changed it to Moove & Groove playlist singalong, the residents loved it.”

Staff memberOpal

“We put M&G exercises on the tv this morning the residents were energised and engaged with the upbeat music”

RakshaActivities Staff - Twilight

A lady with late dementia who is a wanderer does not engage for more than 5 minutes and walks constantly. We offered the Catholic Mass to this resident as it was being listened to by someone else. It was so meaningful for this lady. Raksha stated "she sat for 30 minutes. She cried she said thank you thankyou with a big smile, I was so happy to see her happy with something that meant something to her, now we can provide her with this regularly and also music associated with mass.

Helen - ResidentTwilight Glades Bay

I find it very enlightening and interesting to hear the trials and tribulations that people have had to cope with and how they overcome adversity to find fulfillment - and that’s what makes it so interesting!

Pam - ResidentTwilight Glades Bay

I’ve absolutely loved every minute of it - thank you. I’d like more!

Robert - ResidentTwilight Glades Bay

On the listening program, I found it very interesting. I’ve heard it called inspiring. It does make you think.

Bev - ResidentUniting Kingscliff

I would like to listen to this all day, my husband was an opera singer this music was our life these headphones are bringing back so many memories for me, the sound is unbelievable i don't hear people outside the room or trolleys just the beautiful music, i love it, i want it every day.

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