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Moove & Groove is a social enterprise and uses silent disco technology to create an immersive musical and movement experience for our senior community. Our program is specially designed by music therapists and exercise physiologists to maximise positive outcomes. Our classes are proven to have 50% more engagement using silent disco headphones.

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Moove & Groove is a world first using existing research on the benefits of music and movement for all seniors. We use silent disco headphones as a targeted way of experiencing music activating memories, improving moods and increasing participation in movement. Everyone is listening to the same music and can hear the instructions for the music through the headphones too.


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What We Do

Our classes are lead by expertly trained instructors guiding the group through DANCE moves and commentary to create engagement.

Our MUSIC has been specifically selected to activate memories from the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s.

Our MOVEMENTS have been designed in partnership with an exercise physiologist to develop balance, strength, flexibility and coordination.

All of these elements are enhanced by using SILENT DISCO TECHNOLOGY.

Aged Care Facilities & Respite Services

We provide highly trained instructors to run classes at your facility or we can train your staff to lead Moove & Groove classes.

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Community Classes

We Moove & Groove at various locations, click on the link below to find out where we are and come and join us. Contact us if you would like Moove & Groove in your community!

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Special Events

Are you having a special event with members of the seniors community? Moove and Groove is the perfect way to create that magical experience you are looking for! We will work with you to create an experience you will never forget.

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Full immersion | Full engagement | Activating memories | Making connections | Feeling the joy

An Exceptionally Unique Experience

It’s a great initiative for older people! It gets us moving and energized. It is a happy experience and we are learning dance moves!” Jennifer

It is the BEST way to exercise with music and to mix with people!” Margaret

When I registered to be part of a pilot program I was very unsure of my ability to dance and exercise. I had a motorbike accident several years ago that has left me with health issues. I very much enjoyed the experience and am SO glad I got out of my comfort zone to participate!” Mary

“DiscoDTours has a beneficial effect on cognition using a music-based exercise programme in groups of people with all levels of dementia. The social interaction enjoyed in the sessions promotes general well-being, improved cognition, strength and overall health.” Karen – Geriatric Specialist

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Moove & Groove
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Active seniors
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Book an instructor now!

You can book one of our expertly trained instructors to provide the Moove & Groove program at your location. The instructor will bring all the equipment and provide your community with a magical musical and movement experience.

Click on book now below to secure our highly demanded program!

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Train the trainer program

We are able to successfully train your staff to run the Moove & Groove program at your location, wherever you are! We provide online training, additional training support, certification, leasing of the silent disco equipment and props used in the program.

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Moove & Groove your way to increasing activity and movement in your seniors community

How it started

We started by creating experiences for groups to silent disco in The Rocks, Sydney. discodtours brings joy to hens parties, corporate events and many other groups as they experience the delight of silent disco on the city streets!

Moove & Groove was born from this as a way of using the silent disco technology to connect with those living with dementia. Moove & Groove completed a pilot program at Huntingdon’s Dementia Care Home in Bexley, Sydney. The results were so successful that we have expanded across the Eastern and Northern Beaches of Sydney.

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This program is a world first and leverages much existing research on the benefits of music and movement for dementia.

Mental Stimulation via the music which reactivates memories – this creates “happy states” and participants go into awakened states during class.

The physical exercise and immersive nature of the headphones means participants are fully engaged are more able to listen to movement instructions.

Moove & Groove reduces agitation and participants are easier to manage after class.

Connections are created through this magical shared experience. Moove & Groove connections are made between participants, staff and family members too. It is the perfect activity to invite the whole family to join!

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What it is

All participants are given silent disco headphones and hear the same music.

A trained instructor gives directions on dance & exercise moves, a commentary and motivation to participants through a microphone

The music has been specially selected to maximise memory activation. Tracks chosen are from the 1940s, 50s and 60s plus some new ones too!

Our movement are designed to develop balance, strength, flexibility and coordination.

We use a number of different props during our classes like pom poms, streamers or balls to increase engagement.

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